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Welcome Families!


Our Cooperative Community

Embracing Family Commitment

At Oxford Street Cooperative, parent involvement is the cornerstone of our learning environment. Our cooperative thrives on the commitment and engagement of parents, fostering a unique and nurturing atmosphere for children.


Parent Help: A Unique Approach to Involvement

  • Weekly or Bi-weekly Participation: Depending on your child's classroom,  parents participate in the classroom once a week or twice a month. Preschool parents participate twice a month due to the size of the classroom.  Both involve a 2-hour shift, either in the morning or afternoon.

  • Scheduling: At the beginning of each year, parents fill out a request form indicating their availability. We then create a schedule that accommodates these preferences as much as possible.

  • Flexibility: We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise. If you're unable to attend a scheduled shift, please let the teachers or admin know.​

Why Parent Involvement Matters

  • Enhancing the Learning Experience: Your presence in the classroom is integral. You're not just an "extra" adult but a vital part of our educational approach. Parent help brings many perspectives into the classroom, and while we do not expect you to develop a curriculum, the collaborative approach of parents and teachers working together provides an important message to all the children.

  • Building Community: Your involvement brings fresh perspectives and new ideas, enriching our diverse community.

  • Learning and Growing Together: Being part of your child's learning environment offers a firsthand experience of their development and educational journey. It is important to OSC that you are a part of the classroom life, and also believe your experiences will help you become a stronger advocate for your child over their lifetime of school experiences.

Our Expectations

  • Active participation in classroom activities and sharing your unique skills and ideas is expected from every family.

  • Open communication is encouraged for any adjustments needed in your involvement.

Classroom Meetings

Parent meetings at Oxford Street Cooperative are the foundation of our community engagement. They provide a platform for discussion, learning, and decision-making, reinforcing our cooperative ethos.

Types of Meetings

  • Room Meetings: Our Teacher run meetings are monthly at 5:30 PM.  These meetings are a collaborative space for discussing child development, classroom dynamics, and parenting support. It's an opportunity for parents and teachers to connect and share insights. Child care is provided.

  • Community Meetings: These gatherings involve broader discussions on curriculum, all center events, and orientation for new families. ​

Your Role

  • As a parent, your participation in these meetings is highly encouraged. It’s your opportunity to voice opinions, offer suggestions, and stay informed about your child's educational environment. This is often an excellent opportunity to develop your own community of peers who can support one another outside the classroom.

  • Room Coordinator roles are available for parents interested in this position within these meetings.

Classroom Meetngs

Parent FAQ

How old does my child need to be to apply for OSC?

Classes are: infants (3 – 14 months), toddlers (15 – 24 months), stompers (2 – 3 years), and preschoolers (2.9 years – 5 years). Children must be within the noted age category by September, as OSC is a 12-month contracted program from September to August.

Am I expected to “teach” the children and plan curriculum during my parent help shift?

No, that is the teacher's responsibility in the room. Your role as parent helper is to support and assist the teacher for that day in whatever capacity he/she may need you for (e.g., cutting fruit for a snack, reading a story, or cleaning up after playtime).

What happens if I go on vacation for a month or more at a time? Am I required to pay tuition still?

Yes, you are still required to pay tuition and fulfill your parent help duties. As a not-for-profit center, we rely on monthly tuition payments to cover paying staff salaries and other operating expenses. Families are excused from Parent help when you are on vacation.


We understand that circumstances may arise where you cannot meet your scheduled parent-help duties. In such cases, we encourage you to discuss your situation with the director. We offer the flexibility to swap your parent duties for another time, ensuring that each family can contribute to our community while balancing their personal commitments.

What information do I need to fill out the Child and Dependent Care Expenses form on my tax return (Form 2441 or 1040A Schedule 2)?

Please send Child and Dependent Care forms to

The care provider's name is Campus Child Care

EIN for CCC is 04-2716370

How do I schedule a visit?

We are happy to talk with prospective families. Please call 617-547-3175 to talk with the Director. The majority of our Tours are done during our annual open house in the spring.

How can I support OSC?

In Kind donations are always welcome.



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