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We See Children As...

We see children as active learners with the teachers serving as guides and facilitators who:

  • Help children develop a positive self-image and experience the freedom to learn and grow with confidence.

  • Foster children’s creative self-expression and their ability to communicate their needs, desires and experiences in a variety of ways.

  • Support children’s development of positive peer and adult relationships.

  • Create a safe physical environment in which children can discover, explore, and master new materials, concepts and skills.


Infant Program

Infants are between three and 14 months of age at the time they enroll. We are licensed for seven children, for an adult-to-child ratio of 1:3 or 2:7.


Infant Program Goals:

To provide relationship-based care that scaffolds the whole child through play. We use the behavior of the infant as their language to help meet their individual needs. Our curriculum is individualized to enhance cognitive development, foster attachment, and build positive relationships. We provide a language-rich environment to enhance and support language development. At OSC, we recognize that all babies have their own unique temperament. We look to their individual uniqueness to help guide our practice.


At OSC, we strive to:​

  • Care for infants in a warm, affectionate way that lets each child know that s/he is a special person, including the physical affection and cuddling essential at this stage of development.

  • Encourage the development of trust between the infant and caregiver.

  • Meet each child’s emotional and physical needs.

  • Provide opportunities for exploring, learning, and social interaction through a variety of daily activities.

  • Support language development.

  • Prepare activities to stimulate the senses by recognizing that infants learn through the use of their senses: sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell.

  • Care for children in small groups in order to prevent over-stimulation and provide opportunities for 1 to 1 interaction between children and staff.

  • Provide opportunities for the use of large and small motor skills development.

  • Provide consistency between center care and home care practices that will be most beneficial to the infant and will offer the parents an opportunity to influence the kind of care their child receives.

  • Respect that infants may naturally fall into a different schedule and have different needs once in group care.

Infant Program

Toddler Program

Toddlers are between 15 and 24 months of age as of September 1. We are licensed for nine children, for an adult-to-child ratio of 1:4 or 2:9.


Toddler Program Goals: 

Toddlers live in a world of both needing support and wanting independence. Working with this amazing age group requires staff to be nimble and creative in their response to the group, the individuals, and the growing social dynamic of the group.


At OSC, we strive to:​

  • Providing a balance of nurturing and autonomy, in which children are encouraged to explore and discover independently and with support as needed.

  • Fostering self-help skills such as feeding, dressing, and caring for oneself which lead to a feeling of self-accomplishment.

  • Stimulate and develop each child’s senses and creative expression through different art mediums such as: sand, water, paint, shaving cream, playdoh, etc.

  • Provide opportunities for learning through social interactions with one another.

  • Develop cognitive, language and problem solving skills through experiences with books, images, music, and dramatic play.

  • Help build gross motor control through climbing, dancing, exercise, and other fun games.

  • Build upon children’s natural curiosity about the world around them through experiences with music, social studies, science experiments, cooking, and mathematics.

  • Build a home-school partnership that provides consistency for each child and builds upon his/her strengths, as well as creates goals for areas needing support.

Toddler Program

Stomper Program

Stompers are between two and three years of age by September 1. We are licensed for nine children, for an adult-to-child ratio of 1:4 or 2:9.


Stomper Program Goals:

In the Stomper Classroom, children embark on a year-long journey of social discovery. Our little 'stompers' learn the art of forming friendships, sharing, and empathizing with peers. Our curriculum is designed to foster young minds in their crucial stage of social development. Every day is a new adventure filled with collaborative play, interactive activities, and guided learning to enhance their social relationships and emotional intelligence.

At OSC, we strive to:​

  • Meet each child’s emotional and physical needs while encouraging autonomy and the ability to make appropriate choices.

  • Help children express their feelings by modeling verbal and non-verbal language for them.

  • Encourage exploration and self-discovery by offering child-centered, hands-on activities during the day.

  • Help children learn how to resolve conflicts and negotiate relationships with those around them.

  • Encourage children to challenge themselves with projects rather than by doing things for them.

  • Provide ample opportunity to use gross motor skills and coordination through physically active play indoors or outdoors.

  • Provide each child with support, stimulation, and a variety of experiences to help him/her grow cognitively, emotionally, socially, and physically.

  • Form relationships of mutual trust and respect with parents, working collaboratively to meet the needs of the children in the classroom.

Stomper Program

Preschool Program

Preschoolers are between three and five years of age by September 1. We are licensed for 17 children, for an adult-to-child ratio of 1:10 or 2:17.

Preschool Program Goals:

At OSC, our Preschool is a mixed-age group of 3 and 4’s together.  This offers us the unique opportunity to support children over two years of growth and development and offers each child an opportunity to be both a younger and older member of the group, and every individual is seen for their individual strengths and contributions to the community of the classroom.

At OSC, we strive to:​

  • Provide an anti-bias environment in which children have respect for others, feel valued, safe, seen, and heard in the classroom.

  • Develop respect for all members of the community, for classroom equipment and materials, and have a growing sense of agency in the decisions and routines that the group lives by.

  • Provide a relaxed, nurturing, and play-based atmosphere where children have the opportunity to develop a strong sense of self while enhancing their love of learning.  

  • Provide a wide variety of activities within a routine in which cooperative play is encouraged. These activities are drawn from the curricular areas of art, math, science, cooking, music and movement, civics, practical life, dramatic play, language arts, and manipulative activities.

  • Develop in the child an active curiosity about the world in which s/he lives and an enthusiasm for learning that stimulates exploratory behavior and creativity.

  • Provide ample opportunity to use large motor skills and coordination through physically active play indoors or outdoors.

  • Foster in each child an appreciation for beauty and nature.

  • Be supportive of parents by encouraging involvement and maintaining open and honest communication with tact and discretion.

Preschool Program
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