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We See Children As...

We see children as active learners with the teachers serving as guides and facilitators who:

  • Help children develop a positive self-image and experience the freedom to learn and grow with confidence.

  • Foster children’s creative self-expression and their ability to communicate their needs, desires and experiences in a variety of ways.

  • Support children’s development of positive peer and adult relationships.

  • Create a safe physical environment in which children can discover, explore, and master new materials, concepts and skills.


Community Is Important To Us.

At Oxford Street Cooperative, we believe a robust and vibrant community is the foundation of a fulfilling educational experience. The power of community creates a sense of belonging, support, and mutual respect among students, parents, and teachers. We believe that by nurturing this sense of community, we are enhancing our children's educational journey and laying the groundwork for them to become compassionate citizens of the world.

Field Trips

At Oxford Street Cooperative, our field trips extend our classroom learning. These excursions are thoughtfully curated to complement our curriculum and peak children's curiosity. We believe real-world experiences enhance understanding and ignite a passion for learning. Parent involvement in these trips is not only welcomed but encouraged, as it deepens the bond between children, their families, and the school.

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Art Show

Each year, Oxford Street Cooperative hosts an Annual Art Show, a one-night event that stands as a testament to the creativity and imagination of our students. This event allows each classroom to pay homage to renowned artists by reinterpreting their work in their own distinct style. It's a night where art, education, and community unite, allowing children to display their artistic achievements. This event not only honors the legacy of great artists but also fosters a deep appreciation for art in our students, highlighting the importance of self-expression. Additionally, during the event, we host a raffle, with proceeds going towards meaningful projects or items chosen by our staff – enhancing our community's connection to art and each other.

Costume Parade

Every early November, Oxford Street Cooperative comes alive for our Annual Costume Parade. This much-anticipated event is a wonderful display of imagination, where each class, dressed in costumes, parades around the campus. Our teachers collaborate to wear complementary costumes, adding an extra layer of fun and unity. As we walk together in our costumes, the parade symbolizes our community's togetherness, creativity, and the joy of shared experiences.

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OSC Graduation

Graduation Day at Oxford Street Cooperative is a heartfelt celebration of our students' growth and accomplishments. This particular day is dedicated to honoring the milestones each child has achieved during their time with us. It's a moment of pride and joy for students, parents, and teachers alike as we reflect on the journey of learning and development that each child has undertaken. The ceremony is filled with excitement and emotion, marking both an ending and a new beginning in the educational journey of each child.

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