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A private, not-for-profit early learning center located on the Harvard Campus serving children ages three months to kindergarten entry.



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Oxford Street Cooperative

Oxford Street Cooperative believes that childcare should be an extension of children’s home lives. The participation of parents in the classroom helps to bridge the emotional gap between school and home, as well as provide creative opportunities for parents to enjoy their children and meet their children’s friends. For the cooperative to work effectively, it is imperative that parents and staff keep themselves informed and participate fully in the daily life of the center.

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Shared by our Community

At OSC, it was great to see the teachers in action, and I loved getting to know all of my daughter's little classmates. 5 years later, some of our best friends are parents from my daughter's infant classroom, her three best friends are also ones she made at OSC, even though we've since moved on to kindergarten! I can't say enough great things about this place, truly.

OSC Parent


At OSC, you start out unsure of what all of this cooperative and community stuff is.  Then when you leave you are grateful for how the culture of this community shaped your family’s life and know you will really miss being part of it.

Sarah S.

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